1 Puddy Credit per month only

To keep the server completely free of any paid features, the minimum I'm going to ask is that you pay at least 1 Puddy Credit monthly or via Patreon.

Cloud Storage

Your Minecraft progress and some items is saved inside the Puddy Club's cloud, keeping everything safe from potential server resets. You can check on this page what is saved and what is not saved in the cloud.

Discord Support Service

Puddy Club's official Discord server offers support if anything strange happens to your account. Please explain your situation in as much detail as possible so that we can resolve your issue.

Free Survival

The server is survival vanilla with extra plugins to make the server more fun. All server resources can be freely found in traditional ways. The whole server also uses local chat system.


You can transfer your Puddy Credits into Minecraft. The Puddy Credits are converted to Bits. Bits are usually used more for emerald trading or payment between players. The bits can also be acquired normally during gameplay of the game.

Custom Items

You will find the recipe for all available custom items on this page. Every time new custom items can be created and added to the server.

Custom Scripts

The server owner is a programmer, making it possible to customize the server experience in the most fun way possible for players.

This Minecraft server contains weapon usage, animated blood, and possible horror content. The recommendation to play on this server is to be over 18 years old. At no time will children be my main audience.

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Java Edition 1.19.3

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