Welcome to your characters house where they will be used in your roleplays without creating new Discord accounts!
Join our community of OCs and use them wherever you want.


Server Admin Commands User Commands Character Editor Commands
/webhook create - The bot will search for webhooks named "myoc_bot" to active the roleplay chat. /bio { ID | Name } - Show character bio. /refresh - Reset the server cache of roleplay channels and user characters
/webhook delete - Delete webhook and disable the roleplay chat. /warn check { Mention } - Check user warn. You must have permission to ban users to use this command on another users. /search { Page } { Tags } - Search for characters in your character list.
/warn give { Mention } { Text } - Warn a user. You must have permission to ban users to use this command. /clear { amount } - Delete a number of messages sent by you during a roleplay chat. /tags add { ID } { Tags } - Add tags to the character.
/warn set { Mention } { Number } - Set user warn. You must have permission to ban users to use this command. /read character { name } - View the biography of a character being used in roleplay. /tags remove { ID } { Tags } - Remove tags to the character.
/roll { Dice } - Roll a dice. /editor avatar { ID } - Place an image inside this command to send the image as a bot avatar.
/autoproxy { ID } - Activate autoproxy on specific channel. /editor name { ID } { Text } - Change your character username.
/editor create - A new character will be created and you will receive the ID of this new character.
/editor delete { ID } - Delete the character.
/editor prefix { ID } { Text } - Change your character prefix.

Why My OC Bot?

Simple to Use

You just need to login and add your characters created by you.

Tools to moderate your roleplay channel

Don't be worried about spam. We have tools to detect who is sending messages in the roleplay channels.

Easy Commands

We have created simple and quick commands to make your entertainment with your friends on your discord guild simple and fun.

High Availability Server

We always work for the server to have the best possible amount of alternative routes for the system to stay connected to the internet.


Your privacy is extremely important to us. All your characters are only shared with those you authorize to see.

Character Page

Publish public characters and share them with your friends. You can enter any kind of information inside your character page.


Set your main character in your chat via the "autoproxy" command to send your messages faster.

How to use the bot?

The server owner just uses the myoc webhook command on the roleplay channel to activate the bot and the user just needs to use the prefix of the character created to dialogue.
You need to type: character prefix: Text Example.
Avatar Credits: {https://derpibooru.org/images/2190181}

You can also use dice proxies to have data results in your messages.
Example: character: yay {{2d6+10}} .

Privacy Policy

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At no time is your information shared with third parties except on the services used as the Discord App. (https://discordapp.com)
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I value your trust in providing us your Personal Information, thus we are striving to use commercially acceptable means of protecting it. But remember that no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure and reliable, and I cannot guarantee its absolute security.