Hi! My name is Yasmin Seidel (or my Character Name Tiny Jasmini). I'm from Brazil in Espírito Santo. I'm the founder and programmer responsible for the entire Puddy Club. I am a developer of applications, games, discord bots, websites, and sometimes I also work as an artist. This is the main website that connects all my other websites and bots with your Puddy Club.

What's Puddy Club?

Puddy Club is a server reserved to offer services to other websites and apps developed by me. Your account of other websites and servers made by me is always integrated into a single account called the Puddy Club Account. To make sure all your accounts are integrated into your Puddy Club Account, we recommend that you visit our integrations page.


Your Puddy Club account is linked to all your other accounts on all other websites developed by me. It is very important that you link third party services to your Puddy Club so that you can take advantage of the full benefits of a Puddy Club Account. If you link accounts such as Patreon, you may also have access to special Patreon benefits on other websites that belong to Puddy Club services.

Other Websites

All websites belonging to Puddy Club are displayed on this website, always check the source of this website to be sure that the other website belongs to Puddy Club.


If you have received any contact saying it is JasminDreasond, you can use TXT DNS to verify the account ID with the website ID.

TXT DNS Account Checker: accounts.puddy.club

Discord Bots


Use custom roleplay characters without creating new Discord accounts.

Kelly Salsa

Official admin bot from Puddy Club partners. This bot was developed to help protect partner servers and official servers. Kelly Salsa is a character created by TioRafaJP2 and also the Pony Town Animation mascot.

Tiny Boop Bot

The tiny boop application!