Our partners are groups or companies that contribute to the development of the Puddy Club. These people are usually celebrities that supports the work or friends who now own a good business and supports the work.

Partnerships through friendship happen naturally, you don't have to ask for the partnership.

Celebrity partnerships can be requested via the official email from the founder of Puddy Club ( or by contacting the Discord Account (Discord ID: 152145019296284672).

Benefits of being a Partner

Free VIP Features

Our partners receive all VIP benefits from Puddy Club. (Exceptions for features that are charged for use.)

Special badge in profile of all websites and apps

All Puddy Club products that have a user system integrated with the Puddy Club server will show a partner badge in the profile.

Appear in the list below

All partners are listed below with the basic information for you to visit their community.

Kelly Salsa Bot Access

You will have full free access to all Kelly Salsa features, and if you want any new features for your Discord server, feel free to ask the addition of this new feature.



Content creator for Pony Town Animations and sprite developer of the game Pony Town.


Digital artist and owner of the company "Café com Pôneis".


Owner of the Brazilian community brony "Sonic Rainboom".