Github Projects

This is my list of projects hosted on Github using Cloudflare's CDN technology. All applications are free and open source.

All projects are licensed at MIT Licence. For this reason, some projects may become unstable due to a lack of updates.

New Browser Ponies

Fork from the original Browser Ponies repository. All bugs in the original script have been fixed to be compatible with the latest version of Desktop Ponies.

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Tiny Web Compacter

Merge all the scripts into a single file.

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Chrome Extesion i18 Editor

Google Chrome i18 file editor.

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NPM Modules

Puddy Club has several Open Source modules being used in the server structure, but not all of them are fully explained about how to use them. Here you can find the list of modules tested and approved for public use.

ForPromise JS

Execute all promises inside a "for" script. This module will help you to execute all the Promise methods instantly inside a single promise.

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Discord Command Editor

Discord Slash Commands Editor.

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