Patreon Premium Pack

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Would you like to have a more complete premium package and receive free Puddy Credits for this? My patreon can allow you to have this. In addition to receiving free Puddy Credits monthly, you will have access to the following benefits. Before subscribing to Patreon, remember to link your Patreon account to your Puddy Club account and link your Patreon account to Discord.

If you paid for the subscription while your account was set up incorrectly, remember that after correcting your failures, it may take minutes or hours for Patreon to send a request to the Puddy Club server to sync your account again. If not, try updating any information in your Patreon profile to request that Patreon send a new sync request to Puddy Club Database.

By subscribing to Patreon, you agree that Patreon benefits may change at any time. This includes adding new benefits or removing benefits or modifying existing benefits.

Free MyOC Premium

You will receive completely free access to MyOC Premium. You will be able to unsubscribe from MyOC Premium and only use your Patreon account to validate your MyOC Premium. Just don't forget that you need to integrate your Patreon account with your Discord account.

Puddy Credits

The amount donated monthly on Patreon will be your amount of Puddy Credits received each month.

Kelly Salsa Extra EXP

If you are a user of a server that has the Kelly Salsa bot, your exp will go up faster depending on which Patreon level you choose.

Minecraft Free Access

Get free access to the Puddy Club Minecraft server. You do not need to have pass credits on your account while using Patreon membership.