Third-Party Service Recommendations

These products described below have all been tested by me (JasminDreasond) and many of them I am using in my daily life. I am recommending the services through reference codes. By creating your account using the referral code, you will be contributing to help me financially take care of the Puddy Club. Feel free to choose only the services you are interested in.

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  • Coinbase

    My favorite cloud wallet for work with cryptocurrencies that I still won't send to my private wallet. It has one of the best cryptocurrency services I have ever used. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you can also try Coinbase Private Wallet app after using this registration code.

  • Prohashing

    Use specific cryptocurrency mining algorithms to get paid in another cryptocurrency of your choice. Great privacy system, API system via Websocket for mining monitoring, API system to keep your mining accounts accessible only to you.

  • Binance

    Register now and you will receive 10% commission! One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world that I have used for a long time. Many transfer options from cryptocurrency networks, own blockchain, various financial services. In my opinion, it is the option that has the most cryptocurrency financial services.

  • Unstoppable Domains

    Domain NFT service to use in website hosting and facilitate the way to find the address of your cryptocurrency wallets. Contains API system to connect your services and Web3 login support. You can buy your NFTs through Paypal or payment via cryptocurrencies. During your first purchases over $40 you can earn an additional $10 promotional credit for free.

  • Hostens

    Currently this is the service used to maintain my sub-server to offer services to my Discord bots connected to my main server. Best service for a low price in my opinion. By registering for this service, you are directly contributing to helping me pay for bot hosting.

  • Mega

    In my opinion this is the most secure environment for cloud service. I really like the security and encryption system and the security in cases of accidental loss of account access. Highly recommended for users who have very important files stored.